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Top Tips

  • The uploading video feature is available for FlexiQuiz Essentials, Premium and Enterprise plan members
  • Videos can be uploaded using the following formats: mp4, ogg, webm
  • Videos can be added to almost all of your FlexiQuiz content pages including: Questions (any type), Text/ Media, Welcome and Thank you pages
  • You can upload a file up to 10 MB in size. However, if you need to upload a larger video please contact us 
  • To minimize the opportunity for quiz takers to copy your video you can configure your quiz to minimize copying. Just go to the Configuration tab and select General from the left-hand menu, scroll down the page to Right mouse click menu and untick the box.


How to add a video from your PC

  • Add a page such as: welcome, thank you, text/media or question
  • In the text box, add any content you'd like included with the video
  • To add your video to the page, select the camera icon
  • This opens a new window (see below)
  • Click the blue Choose Video button and select the file that you would like to upload (keep auto size ticked)


           choose video

  • The video could take a few minutes to upload, but this will depend on the size of your file
  • You will know the file is uploaded when an image from your chosen video appears in the text box
  • Once the video has been uploaded to FlexiQuiz, press the blue Save button
  • The video is now available to view on your chosen page
  • Resize the video image as required by clicking and dragging the corners of the video image
  • Finish creating the rest of your quiz, test or assessment
  • Publish the quiz as normal


  • Videos are viewable by quiz takers on almost any device including, desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets
  • Participants will be shown controls to adjust the sound, play, pause or stop the video.  Please note - the video will not automatically play when quiz takers start the question
  • This is an example of how a video will be displayed to quiz takers:


To start creating your own quiz using videos, just log onto your FlexiQuiz account and go to your dashboard.  Follow the instructions listed above.


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