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You can add logos or images to the headers on all pages of your quiz. Combine logos with our color theme options to create professional looking tests that reflect your company branding or the theme of the quiz to engage quiz takers.  


How to upload and position a logo or image:

This feature is available for Premium plan members only.

     1. Create a quiz, test or course

     2. Select the Configure tab (from the options along the top)

     3. Select General from the left-hand menu

     4. Next to the Display options, tick the box Logo

     5. Press Browse to choose your logo or image for uploading


       Browse logo


     6. Logos can be uploaded in JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG or SVG format

     7. Select a logo or image from your files

     8. The size the image will be uploaded will be shown (height by width).  If the size is not correct untick the auto size box and add the sizing for your logo.           The size of the logo can be changed at any time

     9. From the drop-down menu, select if you would like to position the logo to the left, middle or right on the page header


         Size logo


     10. The logo is automatically added to all pages within your quiz including; welcome, questions, results and thank you pages

     11. Press Preview to view what the logo looks like.  The logo is automatically shown on a white background, but this can be changed

     12. You can adjust the size of positioning at any time by returning to Configure and General


     Logo on quiz



How to change the colors for the logo background banner

  1. The logo is automatically configured on a white background (HEX code fffff).  Once the logo is updated follow the following steps 
  2. From the Configuration menu, select Theme on the left-hand menu
  3. Select colors from the Logo option shown
  4. You have the choice of changing the colors in these ways:
    • type your relevant HEX code directly into the box (fffff) or,
    • select your color from the FlexiQuiz color pallet.  Just press the white color box and mix your preferred color from the Basic or Advanced color choices
  5. The updated color choice is automatically saved and can be viewed under Preview


        Logo background
Is it possible to create a logo template to use on all quizzes, tests and assessments?
No.  But, there is a work around solution.  Create a quiz (with a minimum of 1 question) and set the logo and color themes to meet your requirements.  Copy the quiz every time you want to us the logo/ color themes.  
Any suggestions or ideas?  Please let us know.