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     5 steps to create an online course with FlexiQuiz:


        create a course


     Step 1 - Create course content

  • From your dashboard, select Create a quiz and add a name for your course
  • Select Text / Media from the Add Item options
  • Add your content - text, videos, images, gifs, PDFs, word documents, excel files or audio
  • Continue to add as many pages as required


     Step 2 - Add a Test

     Test students understanding and course engagement through regular quizzes, with certificates awarded for successful completion.    

  • From your dashboard, select Create a quiz and add a name for your test
  • Select Question from the Add Item options
  • Choose your question type
  • Add your question that can be supported with video, images and audio
  • Provide the correct answer so that FlexiQuiz can automatically score the test for you
  • Add any requirements for a Certificate e.g. qualification level, design
    • Explore how testing can work by taking our short company training test
      • To pass this sample test, you need a score of 80% or more
      • If you fail, you need to keep taking the test - the questions may vary as randomly picked from the question bank
      • If you pass, you'll get a downloadable certificate


     Step 3 - Customize

     Customize your course and any tests using the huge range of FlexiQuiz options, including:

  • Look & feel - Change the background images, header or button colors to match your brand
  • Text - Update navigation buttons and provide text in almost any language 
  • Grading - Set pass/ fail rates or personalize comments based on the score
  • Results & feedback - Choose to share during or at the end of the quiz.  Results can also be shared with a PDF for future reference 
  • Next best action - Redirect students to the next course, test, quiz, exam or your own website based on their score
  • Plus, FlexiQuiz offer many more personalization options 


     Step 4 - Assign or invite students

      There are 2 main options for sharing and tracking courses and tests with students.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

     i. Create respondent accounts and groups

      Respondents will have their own secure FlexiQuiz account where they can view and take tests assigned to them

      You can create an account for each respondent through the User dashboard or upload a large number of respondents with our spreadsheet template.  


     ii. Mandate student registration

     Self-registration for students works well for larger groups of students, where it may not be practical for you to create respondent accounts. 

     We recommend students self-register for each course and you track students through a unique identifier such as, an email address.

  • Go to the Publish tab on your course of test
  • Tick Use Quiz link
  • Ensure Register for Quiz is ticked
  • Select Customize Fields
  • Add any fields that you want students to use for registration and tick the boxes to show what information is mandatory or unique
  • You will need to share the unique URL with students by email or embedding within your own site, social media or contact pages


     Step 5 - Track progress & results

     Track student's engagement and understanding of your course using our online reporting and analysis tools.  

  • Track who registered for the course and the amount of time they spent reading your content
  • Monitor test scores at a student or quiz level to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Reports can easily be downloaded to share with colleagues or students


    Explore our sample course & test:

     View our online example course and test to see how you could build a learning programme for your company using FlexiQuiz software.

     Add you company video to engage employees and convey the important company messages. You can configure FlexiQuiz software to create courses

     relevant for your company or industry of any size and targetting :

  • new company joiners,
  • existing employees,
  • students
  • or anyone else



          View example course for product training


          View example test for new company joiners


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