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Adding a progress bar 

FlexiQuiz offers a choice of Progress bars so that participants can track their FlexiQuiz progress by question and page number.


Progress bar


Progress bars work well for timed tests where participants need to manage their time per page or courses where students need to easily navigate between pages.  The progress bar sits at the bottom of the question or media page but can be fixed, so that even if the content is long, the progress bars are easily visible.

Both progress bars work on all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.


Different devices


How to add a progress bar

1. Create a quiz, test, course or assessment.  

2. Once the Quiz or Media pages have been created, select Configure from the tabs along the top

3. Select General from the left-hand menu

4. Next to Display there are several options - just tick the relevant box.

       ► Progress bar - this shows participants how many questions they have answered in numbers and a % of all available questions

            Top tip: If you add a media page this is not counted as a question

       ► Page number bar - this shows participants what page they are on.  Participants can navigate backwards and forwards on the pages

            Top tip: The page number bar cannot be selected if Allow previous page navigation is unticked.  Plus, only shows if there is more than 1 page


     Configure progress bars


Top Tips

 To ensure participants can always view their progress during the test, you can fix the progress bars to the bottom of the page.  Go to Configuration and select General from the left-hand menu.  Scroll down the page to Navigation bar position.  From the drop-down menu select Fixed

Page progress bar works well on mobile devices but we recommend no more than 12.  For all other devices (Tablets, laptops and desktops) we recommend a maximum of 12 pages when using the page progress bar.

 Premium plan members can change the position of the Page number bar by changing the position of the navigation buttons (page backward and forward buttons).  To do this, go to Configure and select Theme from the left-hand menu.  Switch Navigation alignment from left to right so it will look like this:


Number bar



Can I change the color of the progress bars?

No, we don't currently offer this option but our features are being updated almost every day.

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