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The randomize question feature, is an option available to all members on any FlexiQuiz plan. This feature can be used in 2 ways:

1. Show all your questions to participants in a random order

2. The FlexiQuiz software can randomly select a few questions from your quiz to show to participants


What can this feature be used for?

  • Minimizing cheating - by showing participants the questions in a different order it reduces the opportunity for them to compare with others.  Therefore, giving a more accurate view of the students strengths and weaknesses


  • Repeated testing on the same subject - there may be times when you want to share a short quick test to ensure students understand the subject.  You can randomly select questions from a large question bank.  If students don't meet the required pass rate they can take the test again with randomly selected questions from the same topic.  See how this works.


How to Randomize questions

  1. Create your quiz, test or assessment
  2. Select the Configure tab
  3. Select General from the left-hand menu
  4. Scroll down to Randomize questions
  5. Tick the box Randomize questions - this shows quiz takers all questions from your test in a random order
  6. However, you also have the option to show participants a random selection of questions (not all the questions in your quiz).  To do this, add the number of questions you want to show participants, in the box.

         For example, if you create a test with 100 questions and want to show a random selection of 20 questions. 

         Enter 20 in the box


      select randomize questions



Can I randomize the order of answer options shown to participants?

Yes, this can be used for multiple choice, single choice or picture choice questions.

Create a question and add answer options.  Tick the box Randomize options shown under the option text boxes.

Participants will then be shown the answer options in a random order.


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