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Create a Personality Test with FlexiQuiz

With FlexiQuiz you can easily build your own personality test to learn more about your colleagues, friends and family. 

There are several ways to create a personality test depending on what you and the participant are aiming to identify.  In this guide, we'll show you how to build a personality quiz by asking participants a series of questions that can evaluate their behaviors and identify a more dominant personality trait.  Participants can be shown their result, with a brief explanation.

These are some examples of things you could find out about someone's personality using this type of test; 

  • leader of follower
  • romance level
  • creative or logical thinker
  • how emotional is someone
  • sweet or savory tastes
  • does someone prefer a night in or a night out
  • in fact, the possibilities are endless


This guide will show you how to create a pre-employment personality test.


How to set-up a fun personality test

This is how to set up a personality test with FlexiQuiz.

  • Create your questions based on the behavior you are trying to measure
  • Add some answer options and score the options based on the dominance of the behavior
    • In our example test we've given each option a score of 1 to 4 points.  The option that shows the strongest leadership quality gets the most points 
    • The higher the total score, the greater the strength of that personality trait
  • You also have the option to add several features, helping encourage participants to give an accurate answer.  Such as;
    • Add a time limit so people can't over think an answer
    • Randomize questions and answers 
    • Ensure people take the quiz only once
  • At the end of the quiz participants behaviors are segmented based on their overall score.  In our test, we created following bands based on these scores;
    • Less than 25% = strong follower traits
    • 26% to 49% = quite strong follower but some leadership qualities
    • 50% to 74% = strong leadership qualities
    • 75% and over = very strong leadership qualities.  However, could they be too strong without always considering the bigger picture?
  • You can share the score with a brief explanation of what this means to the participant.  Paid plan members can also redirect participants to another URL for further information or insights


Enjoy making your own Personality Quizzes!


Take our test for fun and find out if you are a leader or follower?


Leader or follower

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