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Take our fun personality test to find out if you are most likely to take the lead or follow others.

You are being shown 10 statements and options.  Select one option that reflects what you are most likely to do.


When choosing a new car, what do you go for?

Are you more shy or outgoing?

Given a choice, what would you most like to wear to work?

Which of these animals most resembles you?

Which Star Wars character would you like to be?

How do you respond to negative comments on social media?

"Ethical & responsible use of power" is:

There is a new top in style that everyone is wearing.  Do you buy one yourself?

What would you be prepared to do to get power?

What are you like working on a team project?

Which of these is worse?

You are in a group trying to decide where to go for dinner.  What do you do?