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Scored tests are a great way to check a respondents' level of understanding in a variety of scenarios including, recruitment, onboarding, training or as a fun way to engage people. FlexiQuiz offers various scoring options, from a simple point per correct answer to more complex options such as, deducting points for incorrect responses. 


You just need to set the rules for scoring each question in your quiz. FlexiQuiz will then instantly mark the answers and calculate the total score for all submitted tests based on your rules. Quiz results are automatically saved on your analysis dashboard for future reference and you can choose how to share results with quiz takers.


Top Tip: file upload and free format questions cannot be automatically marked by FlexiQuiz.  Due to the nature of responses, you will need to manually view and mark these question types.


Options for setting rules that award points:

FlexiQuiz offers a choice of ways for each question points to be awarded in quiz questions. You have the flexibility to set different rules for each question or remain consistent throughout the whole exam. 

Your options are:

 Points per question - quiz takers are given a set number of points for getting the whole question correct. 

Points per answer option - quiz takers are given points for each part of the question answered correctly.  

 Manual scoring - you can manually review participants answers and update the points awarded for the question. Learn how to manually score a quiz

Points can be awarded in a full amount (e.g. 5 points), as a negative (e.g. -2) or as a fraction (e.g. 2.5) 


How to add scores to a quiz:

1. Create quiz and Add a Quiz page

2. Select your question type from the options provided

3. Create your question and add the answer options

4. Choose how you would like to award points for the question.

      → If you would like to award points for the whole question being correct (even if the question has multiple answers) - add the number of points to be awarded next to Points



      → To award points for each part of the answer that is correct, tick the box next to set option points.  Select the number of points you would like to award quiz takers for each answer option - you can even deduct points for wrong answers.

These are some examples of how it looks for setting the points rules:




5. Once the points rules are set, press the blue Save button
6. You can edit the points to be awarded at any time.  However, the scores already calculated for submitted quizzes will not change.
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