TEAS Math Multiple Choice Review

There are THREE things that are included with the TEAS Math Multiple Choice Review.

1.  The full review in two formats.  With this review, you will be able to practice over 100 multiple choice math questions that are directly aligned to the goals and objectives set by ATI.  More will be added in the future at no additional charge. 

The two formats of the review are the following: 

  • one format where you can check every question as you complete the review
  • another format that requires you to complete the entire review before you can see what you got right or wrong

2.  Unlimited attempts at a timed, 36 question, TEAS Math multiple-choice practice test.  Each time you take the test, 36 random questions will be pulled from the full review, giving you unlimited variations in the questions you will work out.

You do not have to complete the full review at one time.  However, since the practice test is timed, you will need to complete it without resuming as this will simulate the actual TEAS test.

Once your payment is processed, an account will be automatically generated that enables you to access the review.  
To complete the enrollment process, provide a secure password on the registration screen displayed after payment.

Once your payment is made and your account is created, you will have instant access to this digital product.  Therefore, a refund cannot be issued.  If you have any questions, please contact me (Brandon Craft) through chat at www.bcraftmath.com.

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