In the 4th century, during the Yamato dynasty, an ideographic writing system was introduced to Japan from which country?

There are two phonetic ‘alphabets’ in Japanese, hiragana and katakana. The latter is reserved for:

Tokyo has not always been the capital of Japan. In fact the traditional capital of Japan was wherever the emperor decided to live. Which of these four cities has never been Japan’s capital city?

The Samurai are famous the world over as fearless and skilful warriors, but are less well-known for their gentler contributions to Japanese society. True or false: Samurai culture produced the tea ceremony and ikebana, uniquely Japanese minimalist flower arranging.

In 1543, Japanese people first set eyes on Europeans – survivors of a shipwreck. Where were these sailors from?

In 1853 Japan ended the period known as sakoku ("locked country"), during which she was effectively closed to foreigners. This period of self-imposed isolation lasted for roughly:

Most of us know a few words of Japanese, but which of the following words translates as “person of art”?