Some universities offer some very unusual study programs.  In Canada, for example, Humber College lets students study about comedy.  For four years, students in the program learn to write and perform it.  They learn about different kinds of comedy such as stand-up comedy on a stage. They also learn how to write humorous scripts for movies and television.  Humber’s comedy students can also learn about the business of comedy.  For example, they can study about managing other comedians.  Students need to perform on stage at a local comedy club to graduate the program.

Liverpool Hope University in England has another unusual university program.  It offers a degree in the very famous rock band, The Beatles.  This program gives students the chance to analyze the band’s history, music, and lyrics.  They can also learn about how popular music can change culture.  It takes one year of full-time study to complete the degree.  12 students signed up for the program when it began in 2009 and a Canadian woman was the first to graduate.

Students who want to study about puppets can go to the University of Connecticut in America.  Since 1964, it has offered courses in Puppet Arts.  Students in the program can learn about designing and performing with puppets.  Graduates of this program often find employment as designers and performers in puppet plays around the world.  The course has become so popular that the university needed to limit the number of students who could join the program.


1) What can students at Humber College learn about?

2) The word 'it' in paragraph 1 refers to:

3) The word 'analyze' in paragraph 2 can be replaced with:

4) Liverpool Hope University's program about The Beatles:

5) The word 'employment' in paragraph 3 can be replaced with:

6) The University of Connecticut's program about Puppet Arts: