IMPORTANT - Please use a valid email address when purchasing.  A unique URL will be instantly emailed to you so that you can quickly retake or resume the review.  Also, login information will be generated for you using this email address.  PLEASE keep an eye out for the login information.  More information on that is below.  If you would rather purchase this using CashApp, PayPal, or Venmo, please contact me.

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There are now TWO things that are included with the TEAS Math Multiple Choice Review.

1.  The full review.  With this review, you will be able to practice over 100 multiple choice math questions that are directly aligned to the goals and objectives set by ATI.  More will be added in the future as well at no additional charge. 

2.  Unlimited attempts at a timed, 36 question, TEAS Math multiple-choice practice test.  Each time you take the test, 36 random questions will be pulled from the full review, giving you unlimited variations in the questions you will work out.

You do not have to complete the full review at one time.  If you use the Save and Continue button at the bottom of the review, you will then be given another URL that you can easily return to at any point to pick right up from where you left off.  However, since the practice test is timed, you will need to complete it without resuming as this will simulate the actual TEAS test. 

Login Information?  Within the same day of purchase, you will receive an email with login information and a password that will allow you to reaccess and retake the review much easier, so do not worry if you forgot to save a URL.  Once you receive this information, I highly recommend using this login service, as it is more convenient and you will be able to access the full review and the practice tests from here, whenever you would like, from any device.

After you complete the review or the practice test, you will be given two options:

  • Review Answers.  This will include feedback for every question on the review.
  • Retake the assessment.  You can do this as many times as you would like.  Remember, additional problems will be added through time so check back periodically.

As new questions are added, you will receive these new questions whenever you retake the assessment.  Check back from time to time for additional questions.

If you have any questions after that, feel free to message me through chat over at my TEAS website.  You can find the chat pop-up in the lower-right corner of that page.

Thanks and I hope it helps!


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