1. Why should HOAs and COAs encourage homeowners to carry Loss Assessment Coverage under their homeowners' insurance policy?

2. In the context of insurance forms, what does Special Causes of Loss (aka 'Open Perils') signify?

3. What special considerations should HOA members remember regarding deductibles for Named Storms?

4. What are 'sub limits' in an insurance policy? 

5. What should be typically included in the schedule of covered property for a single-family HOA with common areas, pergolas, and a clubhouse?

6. How does Replacement Cost Value method compensate for a loss versus Actual Cash Value?

7. What types of expenses are included under the "Extra Expense" category of a property insurance policy?

8. What does a Texas Property Code require a condominium with vertically stacked units cover under the master policy with regards to individual units?

9. What should an HOA do immediately after a loss to ensure it has met its obligations to "save the property" under the property insurance policy?

10. How are roofs over 12 years old typically valued in property insurance policies?

11. What is a 'coinsurance penalty' in an insurance policy?

12. Which of the below would you expect not to be covered under your HOA's property insurance policy if  it uses a Special Causes of Loss form?

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