About the Test

PMP® Exam Prep IMMERSION Final Test is a preparatory test for the PMP Exam. There are 180 multiple choice questions to be completed in 230 minutes.At the end of the mock exam, click 'Submit' to grade. Mock Exam results include the ability for review. To review, click on the button at the bottom right corner of the results page. Click on each question to view the correct answer and rationale. When you are ready, click 'Start' at the bottom to begin the mock exam. 

Congratulations on taking a bold step towards PMP Exam success in our final 180-question mock exam.

This is a preparatory mock exam for the PMP Exam broken into the 35 tasks.



1. CLOSE ALL OTHER RUNNING APPLICATIONS, maximize your browser and ensure you have a RELIABLE dedicated internet connection. Ensure Windows is not updating at this time or scheduled to throughout this test.

2. DO NOT press the F5 button, page refresh, or the backspace button on your keypad or browser. Doing so will cause the exam to restart and information will be lost.

3. DO NOT turn off your computer abruptly in the middle of the quiz. Hit the "Save and Continue" button when taking breaks.

4. Note, an additional 25 minutes has been provided for taking breaks, so time yourself accordingly.


Time : 04:15 (with allowance for two 10 minute breaks)

Number of Questions: 180

Passing Score : 70%

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