1. Which of the following is a limitation with Instagram ?
2. What are the two sorts of focusing on that can be done with PPC advertising?
3. What is an ad group?
4. Which metrics would you choose to measure the performance of your lead generation campaigns ?
5. Which of these isn't one of the essential building square of Google Analytics ?
6. Is it a good strategy for a company A to use current touch points like bulk Emails, Blogs, etc to increase its reach on social media ?

7. Which of the following components of social research is correct ?

8. What are the key contemplations for individuals in deals while they utilize social media for offering (Social Selling)?
9. What is the best strategy for a book store to expand its reach and increase footfall by social media efforts ?
10. Which of the following options suits best for a company to choose Instagram over Snapchat ?
11. What is the advantage of using SEO over SEM ?
12. Which of these is the foremost imperative thought when doing trend analysis?
13. Which one of these statements is correct?
14. Which of the following statements is not true ?
15. Which of the following are best suitable for customer engagement ?
16. Social media is defined as where the publisher content dominates.
17. What is the advantage for an advertiser if they have different search and display network campaigns?
18. Company A & B both have rise to number of fans & devotees on Facebook & Twitter. Company A overhauls 10 times a day on Facebook & 20 times on Twitter and all their overhauls are related to most recent bargains and offers whereas Company B upgrades 6 times a day on Facebook & 15 times on Twitter and as it were 50% of their overhauls are related to most recent bargains and offers whereas other half is as it were approximately fun and engagement related overhauled. Which company do you anticipate to produce more deals?
19. What is the correct way to handle negative critisism on social media ?
20. In order to attract new customers and create transaction, the goal of marketing is to _____________ customers and grow business!
21. Which of the following statements is true if a company wants to better leverage Tik Tok ?
22. What is the best method to grow your Instagram followers ?
23. How would you portray what multi-channel attribution does?
24. Which of the following UTM parameters should be used to capture promo code of a campaign ?
25. Which of the following statements is true with regards to Snapchat ?
26. The main advantage of Twitter ads over Facebook / Linkedin ads is-
27. Which of the followign tools are used to perform keyword search ?
28. Which of the following measurements will you use to measure the adequacy of your lead era campaigns?
29. Which one of the following statements is true?
30. If you spent Rs 55000 to generate 150 leads and 10 customers, what will be your CPA?
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