Do you sometimes feel tired? Do you sometimes wish you could sleep for longer? If you answered yes to those two questions, then take a moment to think about poor Thai Ngoc. This man from Vietnam hasn’t slept since 1973. Doctors say he should have died in 1973 when an illness stopped him from being able to sleep.  It is believed he caught a fever, and he hasn’t slept at all since that time.

Investigators have watched him for several days and nights and said he really doesn’t sleep. The investigators said that during the night, Thai works on his small farm. No doctors have been able to help him. Sleeping medicines have no effect on him. Nobody can explain how Thai is still alive, or how he can keep going for such a long time without any sleep. Thai said his dream was to sleep and have a dream. Unfortunately for Thai, his dream has never come true.

1) Where does Thai Ngoc come from?

2) Thai Ngoc hasn't slept since 1973.

3) Sleeping medicines help Thai to go to sleep.

4) What would Thai Ngoc like to do?