Friday 21st January, 7pm - presented by Quiz Meisters

Stuck in iso? Got a big of FOGO? Want a bit more quiz in your week?

Well, if we can't quiz with you in person, join us in a more intimate version of our livestream quizzes. The ISO Quiz is a limited ticket, online quizzing event played INDIVIDUALLY - no teams allowed.

We may be isolating, but at least we can do this together! Gather your lockdown brains trust and dust off your webcam, it's quiz time baby!

The $10 purchase will give you access to the Zoom room - the answer sheet will drop at the beginning of the quiz! The quiz starts at 7pm EST, but we will be in there at 6:45pm EST for chat and tunes.

Thanks for your support! Every outbreak financially hits our business quite a bit, this one more than most. Events like these help us to gain back some of the losses.

Love from the Quiz Meisters crew!

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