Q.1 In a cricket match, Sri Lanka made 235 runs.India has made 152 runs How manymore runs does India need to win? To win India must make 236 runs.

Q.2 Chanchal sells school sweaters. In 2 days she sold some red, blue and grey coloured sweaters. How many grey sweaters did Chanchal sell in 2 days

Sale on day 1386674
Sale on day 2402389

Q.3 Geeta had Rs.578 in her purse. she bought a book for Rs.128. How much money is left in her purse?

Q.4 Baby Tortoise is 45 years old. Mummy Mortoise is 150 years old. how much younger is Baby Tortoise then Mummy Tortoise?

Q.5 125,150,175,200,____







Q.8 Find the missing number

        7          8
--     3         


Q.9 Subtract 3002 - 1256

Q.10 Find the missing numbers.

              3                5                 
  +.         2                                5
              6               1                 8