1. Panoramic  fixed-glass “moonroofs”, as opposed  as “sunroofs” which open and close,  are one of the hottest  trends in automotive design.

2. A firefighter has just crawled (1) across the (2) smoke-filled attic, trying to open a window for (3) ventilating, but no one (4) can find him now.

3. The old building, abandoning for a newer facility, was a war zone—a ruin of  overturned desks, textbooks,  TVs and other equipment that could have been re-used.

4. Jen finished her meal  quickly and  raised from the table,  showing her anger to everyone present at the party.

5. Everyone has occasionally  sleepless nights, usually  associated with states of emotional arousal such as worry, anxiety,  or excitement.

6. Name for their crossed-shaped flower petals, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and  broccoli are the perfect  foods for fighting cancer, heart disease and  a lot more.

7. When petroleum  is processed into  plastic, it is no longer biodegradable, and  in which can clog up  landfills indefinitely.

8. Life is  so fragile and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow,  so experience what you  have given because you don’t know how long it is going to last.

9. Officials offered a $30,000  reward for information on the Saturday  attacks that left one scientist  flee his  smoke-filled home with his family.

10. Environmental experts claim that Planet Earth is steadily warming up because of human activities, and the developed world is primary responsible for this.


11. The hypothesis of  the psychological science study was that  the more power a person has,  the less capacity he has to take  other person’s perspective.

12. Increased contraceptive use  caused a decline  on the number of abortions  performed worldwide from 1995 to 2003.

13. Today, the enemy is  within a radicalism that,  like Frankenstein’s monster,  have turned on its  former patron.

14. Studies of (1) early cave art shows a level of culture that was (2) anything but “primitive” – and that human beings have a long record of (3) communicating knowledge and (4) believe.

15. Although many eateries publish caloric information of their websites, or even on food packaging, advocates of labeling say  diners need to be able to read the information  while decided what to do.

16. UNICEF reports that 28,000  weakened children die  from diseases and  other circumstances that are  easy preventable.

17. She wears a black baseball cap  reads SECURITY and a  bulletproof vest but travels  unarmed, partly  for liability reasons.

18. Many automobile and motorcycle companies  have confirmed that their vehicles  distributed in Thailand can  run on gasohol 95 and 91 and ready to affix stickers on new vehicles to assure gasohol compatibility.

19. Alike other mineral grains,  those in basalt are so small  that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

20. A motorcycle racing gang  is suspected of involvement  of two attacks which left one man  dead and four others  injured.

21. As temperatures which are dramatic rising  melt the  polar ice cap, five countries race to map their claims  to a new energy frontier.

22. Hard-line tactics pursuing by the military in its bid to pacify the restless region are having precisely the opposite effects.

23. Politicians talked  more loudly but did much  fewer; they declared missions accomplished although they had  barely begun.

24. The majority of the people of Britain has no confidence in an expensive and fearless bureaucracy  like the European Union.

25. China’s  spectacular transformation  over the past decade is  symbolized in  its architecture.