Thank you for your interest in a Certificate of Attendance for ADDitude’s webinar "'I Forgot My Homework… Again!' Fortifying Executive Functions to Solve School Disorganization" with Susan Kruger, M.Ed.

Please watch the webinar or listen to the presentation in podcast format before proceeding per the instructions below.

STEP 1: To receive a certificate of attendance for an ADDitude webinar, you must successfully complete answers to three questions about the speaker’s presentation. The cost for the certificate option is $10.00. Click "Purchase Certificate Option" to enter your payment information and the email address to which you’d like your certificate sent. Note: ADDitude never sells or rents email addresses. Read our privacy policy here.

STEP 2: Enter the first and last name you would like to appear on your certificate of attendance, then click "Register" and the presentation questions will appear. Answer all three questions correctly, and you will receive a certificate to download that will also be emailed to you. If you answer incorrectly, click "Retake Quiz" to try again without an additional charge.  Please note: There are no refunds or exchanges for the webinar certificate of attendance once you have purchased it. ADDitude does not provide CEU credits.