1. ________ his flu, he got up and went to work.

2. ________ you were coming I would have cleaned the house.

3. Their accounts were completely phony. They had been cooking the ________ for years.

4. Woman: Was the Minister's speech interesting? 

   Man: Yes, at first, but it was ________ long.

5. They have ________ this minute left for the station.

6. Nothing will prevent him ________ succeeding.

7. He has a bad cold and won't be ________ to play in the match tomorrow.

8. Harry was standing ________ of the diving board, showing off his physique.

9. It was ________ we had to walk quickly to keep warm.

10. Peter, ________ by the repeated rejections of his novel, ________ to submit his manuscript to other publishers.

11. The gunman ________ the pilot of the plane to change direction.

12. I hope you don't mind me ________ so late at night.

13. ________ hard he tries, John never wins at tennis.

14. I'm not surprised you failed the exam. You ________ have worked harder.

15. In a break-in last week the burglars ________ all my jewelry but left the pictures.

16. He found learning to drive easy and ________ his driving test the very first time.

17. As the streets of our cities become busier, people are turning more and more to the ________ bicycle.

18. We'll have to call the doctor. The baby is ________.

19. I think you ought to talk to Harry; he's got ________ very interesting information.

20. He may be quick at understanding, but he is not capable ________ remembering anything.