1. What is the boiling point for propane gas?  (#16-189) 

2. What is the boiling point of natural gas (the point at which it changes from a liquid to a gaseous state)? (#16-197) 

3. If 1 cubic foot of natural gas is 1000 Btuh, what is the ratio of excess air?  (#16-179) 

4.  A blue flame is the result of mixing primary air with gas prior to ignition. What is this type of flame referred to as? (#16-201) 

5. What is the minimum service clearance vertical of a boiler?  (#16-90)           

6. When two 10 microfarad capacitors are connected in parallel, what is the net result? (#16-194) 

7. What is the flame speed for propane gas?  (#16-184) 

8. What is the explosion limits for propane gas? (#16-188) 

9. Gross stack temperature is the flue gas temperature: (#16-91)           

10.  Heat Conduction is:  (#16-163)        

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