Which of the following could be considered sound money ? (Select all that apply)

What is a Fiat money ?
Why is Bitcoin is political and non-political at the same time ?

What are some of the attributes of sound money ? (Select all that apply)

What is inflation ?
Explain why Bitcoin is considered a solution to inflation and fiat currency ?

Which of those countries have faced hyperinflation ? (Select all that apply)

During the German hyperinflation of 1923, it was cheaper to burn money than wood.
Which of the following is true ?

You must escape your country due to political, war, climate (etc) reason. You own some Bitcoin and wish to move them with you. Which of the following methods could be used? (Select all that apply)

Which of the following can't be seized.
Your friend is setting up its first Bitcoin wallet. When created it, he is asked to enter his name & email address. Since you know about Bitcoin, he asks you if that's normal. What is your response ?
What happens to your Bitcoin holding if your bank goes bankrupt ?
Why Bitcoin matter ?