Who are the 3 main actors in a Bitcoin transaction ? (Select all that apply)
What is the average time between each new block ? What mechanism ensures this over the long term ?
What happens to a transaction fee ?
You need to pay back your friend but he only gave you a Bitcoin address and forgot to say his wallet's name. What should you do ?
What is true regarding the flooding process? (Select all that apply)
A node keeps a full copy of the Bitcoin ledger ( 11 years of transaction)
Explain why a merchant would want to run a full node.
What happened if 2 miners find the block at the same moment? (Select all that apply)
Nodes ensure the decentralization of the Bitcoin protocol.
Why do miners use electricity? (1 point for the technical process, 1 point for the game theory aspect one)
You've sent a transaction 10 min ago but no new block have been created so far. After 12 minutes you see the newest block but your transaction isn't in it. Which statement is correct? (Select all that apply)
What is the block reward for miner in 2021 (Select all that apply)