Reading Part 3 (This is an official Cambridge KET examination) Source

Questions 11-15

Complete the five conversations.

For questions 11-15, mark A, B or C on your answer sheet.



11 I'm sorry we don't have your size.

12. How long are you going to stay in Bangkok?

13 See you tomorrow.

14. I don't like this programme.

15 Can I leave early?

Questions 16-20

Complete the conversation

What does Anita say to Kim?

For questions 16-20, mark the correct letter A-H on your answer sheet.


Kim: What are you going to do at the weekend, Anita?

Anita: 0........


Kim: Well, I'm going to go to London. Would you like to come as well?

Anita: 16......

Kim: Yes, I must study on Sunday.

Great! It'll be good to go together.

Anita: 17....

Kim: First, I'd like to go shopping.

Anita: 18...

Kim: Oh, I can help you choose them. Is there anything else you want to do?

Anita: 19.....

Kim: Ok. There's a good one in Oxford Road. It always has the newest films.

Anita: 20....

Kim: I'm not sure, but I'll phone and ask. I know we'll have a good day.