How do you define Bitcoin's success ?
Select the project Hal Finney worked on over his life. (Select all that apply)
Which technology allows users to interact with the Bitcoin protocol without knowing it.
Which of the following statement is true regarding KYC ( know your customer) ? (Select all that apply)
Explain the "Cantillon effect" & provide 1 example of his effect.
Which of those entities holds the most power over the bitcoin network ?
Which mechanism ensure the inflation rate of the bitcoin network ? Briefly explain why.
Having your Bitcoin under custody gives the institution in charge the decicional power regarding forks, consensus changes and uses cases of your coin
Select the 2 most realistic threat to bitcoin :
Is it possible to implement smart contracts, oracle and video games on top of Bitcoin ?
Bitcoin uses electricity to secure the network. What is the preferred sources of energy used by miners?
Thanks for taking my quiz, please recommend me one book that you love :) I would recommend you The Robot & Foundation by Asimov.