This pre-test won’t have any bearing on your marks for ECON3202 Mathematical Economics, but I encourage everyone interested in taking the course to attempt it.

The pre-test has two main purposes. First, it will give you an idea of the material that is assumed knowledge in ECON3202; namely, material that acts as pre-requisite to everything we will do in the course. The questions in Part A serve this purpose. For the record, the pre-requisite material for ECON3202 includes:

  •  Univariate calculus
    • Differentiation and integration
    • Chain rule
  • Multivariate calculus
    • Partial derivatives
    • Second and higher order derivatives
  • Linear algebra
    • Basic matrix operations
    • Inverse of a matrix
  • Univariate optimization
    • FOC and SOC for unconstrained optimization
    • Interior and corner solutions

The above list only includes material that you should have learnt in ECON1202. But you should really have learnt this material.

The second purpose of the pre-test is to give you an idea of the type of material you will encounter in ECON3202. The main difference between ECON3202 and previous economics/commerce courses is the level of abstraction and formality you will see here. The questions in Part B serve this purpose. There is no prior knowledge assumed for this part. If you like mathematics and abstract thinking, you shouldn’t have major problems attempting these questions -- and you may even have fun doing it!

Juan Carlos Carbajal
School of Economics - UNSW