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Exporting FlexiQuiz results from the Analyze and Reports screens


With FlexiQuiz all administrators and trainers (subject to settings) can download results in PDF or spreadsheet formats for further analysis, sharing with others or saving on another system.

All results can be viewed, configured and downloaded from the Analyze and Reports screens.


How to download reports from the Analyze dashboard:


1. Select the relevant quiz from your dashboard and click on the Analyze icon


2. Select the report type from the drop-down menu:

       ► Individual summary - Lists all individuals who have taken the test with a summary of their key data

       ► Individual responses - Shows all questions, the participants responses and all answer are marked

       ► Response summary - Lists all questions with a summary of the answers given by all respondents

            e.g. on question 1: 70% answered A, 30% answered B


3. For the Individual summary reports you can configure the data columns to include information important to you.

       - Click on the 3 dots to open the configuration options

       - Tick the boxes for the data options that you'd like included in your report


4. To export to a spreadsheet, select this icon: export


5. This is an example of what an export file will look like for Individual Responses

       ►This report shows the results for all participants who have submitted a test

       ► Respondents can be identified through an email address or username provided with respondent accounts

       ► The report includes; total points scored and available

       ► Overall time taken to complete the test (duration) and the time taken on each page

       ► The Questions (top row) and answers given by each participant (the blank space means that the participant has not answered)


individual responses file


6. Once down-loaded, you can easily edit the columns and share key information with relevant people or use the data to create charts to identify and review trends


7. To export data to a PDF.  Select this icon: pdf


8. This is an example PDF report - Response Summary

response summary report


How to download files from the Reports screen:
1. Select the relevant report from your reports screen.  You have a choice of:
       ► All quizzes - summary of the status for all quizzes on your dashboard including date published, number of respondents and average score
       ► All users - summary of the activity for all respondent accounts including number of quizzes assigned and taken
       ► Quiz - select a quiz from your dashboard to view a list of everyone who has submitted a test and a summary of results
       ► User - view the status of all quizzes assigned to a particular user
2. To export a report press: export 
3. To download and save a PDF file press:  pdf
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