1. If buildings (1) sprang up suddenly out of the ground (2) like mushrooms, their rooftops would be covered (3) into a layer of (4) soil and plants.

2. Urban centers around the globe (1) is seeing huge growth in the (2) serviced apartment and office space markets, an (3) attractive option (4) in today’s residential environment.

3. This hotel (1) with a glass courtyard (2) is a modern interpretation (3) of the Si He Yuan, (4) locate near the East Gate of the Forbidden City.

4. They point out that, (1) despite of their (2) advanced age, (3) nearly a fifth of the women in the oldest group remained (4) emotionally vital.

5. People around the small US (1) farming town of Bates City, Missouri, seemed puzzled (2) about the (3) uniformed men who came to dig (4) of glass jars.

6. The financial and (1) economic turmoil of (2) the last two years (3) have created a (4) completely new environment for business.

7. Stocks continued (1) its seven-month rally, (2) lifting the Dow Jones (3) industrial average above 10,000 points (4) for the first time since last October.

8. An explosive, (1) believing to be a firecracker, (2) injured nine people, (3) including a (4) sleeping street boy near the palace.

9. Your blood and urine will be checked (1) for infection or (2) another abnormalities, and you (3) may be referred to a urologist for (4) further investigation and treatment.

10. (1) Based on several campus legends, this film is made up (2) from four episodes (3) telling scary stories that (4) take place in university dorms, toilets and classrooms.

11. International (1) imports of equipment (2) supplied under this contract (3) is exempt (4) from Laotian taxes and duties.

12. Each year the British tax-payer has to pay a (1) substance amount of money (2) to the European Union, an organization (3) that cannot, or will not tell us how it is all (4) spent.

13. The father of a (1) deceased soldier refused (2) to shake hands (3) with former Prime Minister Tony Blair, (4) said that Blair had blood on his hands.

14. Today’s farmers (1) have increased milk production (2) greatly through (3) improved methods of breeding, feeding, and (4) manage dairy cattle.

15. Scientists at the seminar (1) in Baltimore (2) discussion many interesting (3) subjects in the field of (4) biology.

16. The company meeting (1) scheduled for today (2) were cancelled (3) because of the (4) unexpectedly bad weather.

17. Organic (1) chemicals like pesticides and herbicides (2) using to get rid of undesirable insects and plants (3) have polluted the water and (4) caused the contaminated river.

18. Money from federal grants will (1) be divided (2) between all the agencies (3) according to the guidelines (4) set up by the governor.

19. My grandparents celebrated (1) their fiftieth wedding anniversary (2) at a mountain resort (3) where all guests (4) inviting could go skiing.

20. The movie takes place in (1) rural West Texas, and it is about (2) violent and greed and (3) how people (4) are treated.

21. Over (1) the last few decades, the drug problem in many (2) industrialized countries (3) have become (4) considerably worse.

22. The Paparazzi have been around (1) for more than 20 years, (2) but the business has grown in recent years (3) as there are now more magazines (4) focus on the lives of famous people.

23. If Prince Edward (1) hadnt been killed at the age of 9, he (2) would become the king (3) of England after (4) the death of his father.

24. In the future, most young people (1) will prefer to talk (2) to strangers online about their problems rather than (3) having face-to-face (4) conversations with family and friends.

25. After you have asked  yourself some questions about the source and determined that it’s worth your time to find and read that source you can evaluating the material in the source as you read through it.