A mock exam based on taking the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing in 2022 and my experience in the industry.


Click on the link for a sample 5 question quiz from the mock: https://www.flexiquiz.com/SC/N/ESGSample


During my revision for the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing I struggled to find additional questions and mock exams on which to test my knowledge. Having taken other CFA exams I was accustomed to completing more questions which provided me with comfort going into the exam. This is my take on a mock exam testing the different areas of ESG investing covered by the curriculum. I have included feedback on questions as I found the lack of an explanation frustrating on the official mock.

The mock has been designed to resemble the actual exam as closely as possible. There are therefore 100 questions of which 16 questions correspond to 4 different case studies. You have 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete the mock as in the real exam and you will be provided your score at the end.


The price of the mock is €9.99 to pay for my time and hosting expenses.

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