1. ________ scientists have observed increased pollution in the water supply.

2. They ________ for you for more than two hours now.

3. Hugh Jones never married, choosing to remain ________ all his life.

4. I would help Jane in her shopping if she ________ me.

5. After the party the children was allowed to finish off the ________ sandwiches and cakes.

6. The programme of reconstruction in the city centre is now ________.

7. I am very ________ in information about your company's holidays.

8. This is the oldest building ________ the village.

9. Your brother is much taller ________ you.

10. Everybody ________ me for the accident.

11. This warm coat will protect you ________ the cold.

12. I'm disgusted ________ your behaviour!

13. Our company is a small organization with only a few ________.

14. "________ is a very good all-round exercise," the doctor told Susan.

15. It happened ________ we were asleep last Friday night.

16. Many ________ crafts such as weaving are now being revived.

17. He wrote everything that ________ about it.

18. We ________ an excellent concert last night.

19. It took Western economies many years to ________ from the oil crisis of the mid-70s.

20. I'm really angry with the way I've been treated by this company. I've had it up to ________ with the way I've been treated.