1. A few of ________ are planning to drive to Florida during spring break.

2. His performance was ________; the audience was delighted.

3. Who ________ this window? It's so cold here.

4. No educational system is perfect. Each one has its ________.

5. He ________ for a job for some weeks but he has not found one.

6. I'd be careful in my dealings with her. I'm sure she's up to no ________.

7. The lost of a front tooth has left an unsightly ________ in her teeth.

8. After the game, the referee was interviewed ________ television.

9. Please hurry or you will be late ________ school.

10. I wouldn't believe what she says. She sounds very convincing but she's just a fast ________.

11. I'm very tired - I ________ all morning.

12. If it ________ so late we could have coffee.

13. His parents made him ________ very hard.

14. My friend ________ when the lesson started.

15. His government insisted that he ________ until he finished his degree.