1. I wish that we ________ with my brother when he flies to England next week.

2. You're really old-fashioned. It's time you got more ________ it.

3. They claimed they ________ the law.

4. From now on I am not liable ________ my wife's debts.

5. The policeman told the driver to pull over and asked, ________.

6. He's not the sort of person to trust. He's a bad ________.

7. I intended to write to you several times, but something was always ________.

8. Tell him ________ some envelopes, please.

11. July 10th is my wedding anniversary. Next month, my husband and I will ________ for twenty years.

9. Then, all of a ________ there was an explosion and the lights went out.

10. Good parents should ________ for their children.

12. Mr Johnson, candidate for governor, was eulogized for his ________.

13. This house ________ five rooms.

14. If you still don't have an answer from the University of Iowa, why ________ call the admissions office?

15. I've decided to join ________ this club.