1. I think she ________ to say a few words about her experiments during the congress.

2. Could you look ________ the blackboard and read what is on it?

3. I want him ________ and buy these newspapers right now.

4. ________ coat is this?

5. - What would you like for your birthday?

- ________ will do.

6. Your explanation ________ reasonable.

7. Mary and Jane ________ to the Film Society every Saturday.

8. Don't talk to me now because I ________ to understand what I am reading.

9. If students want a certificate ________ have to pass the final examination.

10. He ________ there about seven o'clock every morning.

11. Whenever we meet, we stop ________.

12. They bought a ticket for the train at the ________ station.

13. - You've been sick quite a few times since you arrived.

      - I just can't ________ to the cold weather.

14. The doctor showed the new nurse ________ to do.

15. This bread is stale. Why don't you ________ it away?