Which of those characteristics are needed to be money? (Select all that apply)
What did Satoshi include on the first block of the Bitcoin protocol? (Select all that apply)
How many Bitcoin will ever be created ?
Is our current financial system centralized ?
2 transactions were broadcast at the same time: 5 Bitcoin from Paris to London & 5792 Bitcoin from Tokyo to NY. Who will receive his Bitcoin first ? Why?
Bitcoin is a protocol ?
What fundamental problem of computer science does Bitcoin solve and what is that problem ?
What will be the basic step to use Bitcoin and give 3 examples on how to use Bitcoin
Which of the following resources have been used as money ? (Select all that apply)
Could it be possible to know the inflation rate of Bitcoin in 57 years ?
Who create the next block ? (Select all that apply)
What happened to lost bitcoins ? (Select all that apply)