Which of those is the strongest password ?

Which of the following should be done before investing ? (Select all that apply)

What makes a password strong ?

Should you use the same password twice ? (Select all that apply)

How can you increase your privacy (5 things)?
Why is leveraging a trade or an investment dangerous ?
What does FOMO stand for?
Should you update your software regularly ? ( windows & anti-virus)
Are Pump & Dump Illegal
If you bought & sold BTC from a regulated exchange, is the tax authority of your country aware of your purchases & therefore capital gain ?
Explain what is the difference between gambler, trader & investors.
What does "ICO" stand for ?

What element should be avoided as a beginner’s investor? (Select all that apply)

Vincent is offered to receive 0.5 Bitcoins monthly for 1 year if he locks 1 bitcoin today on a special smart contract via a new platform he discovered. All the website review says it's legit and you could really make a lot of money. As a friend he asks for your advice. What would you tell him?
Should you trust this website and this quizzes answers ?