Which of the following could be a Bitcoin wallet ? (Select all that apply)
What is the main difference between a hardware wallet and a custodial wallet?
What are the golden rules regarding bitcoin storage ?
How many addresses can a mobile wallet create each day ? (Select all that apply)
Mark has been using a Trezor hardware wallet for some time, one day it stopped working. Being afraid he will never see his bitcoins again, Mark decides to contact the Trezor support for some help. After a chat to explain his issue, the support is asking for his private key in order to fix the problem and transfer the fund to a new hardware wallet they are sending his way. What is the most secured way Mark can send his private key to the support guy ?
Camille decided to set up her first Bitcoin wallet. Since she always forgets her password, she decided to take a picture of her private key and hide it within an old photo folder from 2007 on her PC. She thinks no one could possibly find it there since it's so random. Is she right ?
Which aspects of a 24 words private key make it secure ? (Select all that apply)
Cutting a private key in half and storing each part in a separate house makes it 2 times more secured.
You understand that if anyone get access to your private key, he has access to your money. In this case, why would you double that risk by creating a copy of the private key ?
What are the mathematical concepts behind encryption ? (Select all that apply)
The sun will blow up before someone could brute forced your private key. True or false