Which of the following is true regarding inheritance planning ? (Select all that apply)
Do I need a lawyer or other 3rd party to create a strong inheritance planning ?
Why is a smart contract not a good idea for inheritance planning ?
When planning your inheritance letter, you need to select trusted helper. Why are some reason for that ? (Select all that apply)
When selecting your helpers, what are the 3 criteria you will have to compromise with ?
Why is it better to have multiple helpers ? (Select all that apply)
Where could you have some Bitcoins you forget ? (Select all that apply)
Is it necessary to be specific about the private key location ?
Why is it recommended to use pen and paper when writing the letter?
A crypto Inheritance plan is made of 2 sections: The tech one with a letter, the legal one with a notary. True or false ?
How often should you review your Inheritance plan ? (Select all that apply)
What is the next step after you wrote and secured your inheritance letters ?