What is the only requirement to start accepting Bitcoin for your labor ?
You cousin Tintin is 12 years old and he would like to get his first bitcoins because everyone at school has some. His mother refuses to buy some for him because it's too risky. Which of those solutions could work for him ?
Could you provide a couple of reasons why it is often say it's better to earn bitcoin rather than buying it?
Is it possible to get paid a salary in Bitcoin.
Morgan is running an association which helps whistle-blowers. She would like to start accepting bitcoin as donation. For her, privacy is a crucial point. What option should she used?
What are some risks a company may face by accepting Bitcoin ? Give us 2.
Why is BTCPay server a good solution to start doing business in bitcoin ?
Can a bar or restaurant accept bitcoin ?
Your friend Gregory just discover bitcoin & he wants some, but he finds the price too high. He comes to you and asks if he can just mine bitcoin from his house with his old laptop. Any advice ?
You've been involved into bitcoin for some time, you bought some and earn some during your holidays job. A friend of yours who also own bitcoin is telling you he finds a great way to invest those bitcoin in a secured way and earn interest on it! He is talking up to 10-20 % a year. He explains to you that you just need to stack them in some smart contract algo and get rewarded each month. You sell that reward and boom! more bitcoin! Your friend has been doing it for months now and he is literally earning bitcoin for free. Your fee a bit jealous and are thinking about investing your bitcoin in such scheme. What could go wrong?
Which of this option is valide to received BTC donation via Lightning ?
If you plan on buying Bitcoin, what are some requirement you need ?
You've decided to buy Bitcoin via an official exchange, what will be mandatory ?
What are the reasons behind a mandatory KYC ?
If using a regulated exchange, what are the criteria you should be looking for ?
What do local bitcoin and HoldHold have in common ?
Is it possible to buy Bitcoin without knowing the price ?
Why it is non-sense to believe you need to become a trader if you start investing in Bitcoin ? ( Opinion question)
Why some exchanges can be safely compared to casinos ?
Which exchange only offers a buy option but not a sell option ?
If you need to pick a exchange. What feature is really good to have?
Why is withdrawing your BTC to your wallet the MOST important?
How many exchanges have been hacked, destroyed, exit scammed and seized by government in the past ?
How long should you money dollars or bitcoin stayed on an exchange ?