Are Pump & Dump Illegal
Which of the following could be a Bitcoin wallet ? (Select all that apply)
What are the 5 pillars of Open blockchain and Bitcoin (introduced by Andreas)
Should you reuse the same Bitcoin address ?
Explain why a merchant would want to run a full node.
Explain what is the difference between gambler, trader & investors.
Who are the 3 main actors in a Bitcoin transaction ? (Select all that apply)
Camille decided to set up her first Bitcoin wallet. Since she always forgets her password, she decided to take a picture of her private key and hide it within an old photo folder from 2007 on her PC. She thinks no one could possibly find it there since it's so random. Is she right ?
Define "bailed out"
Why should you keep a low profile regarding your Bitcoin holding ?
Why did Satoshi decided to stay anonymous ? (Select all that apply)
What fundamental problem of computer science does Bitcoin solve and what is that problem ?
Why do miners use electricity? (1 point for the technical process, 1 point for the game theory aspect one)
What are the 5 pillars of an Open Blockchain ?
Who is Hall Finney ? (Select all that apply)
Is a strong password enough to be protected online ?
Could it be possible to know the inflation rate of Bitcoin in 57 years ?
How many addresses can a mobile wallet create each day ? (Select all that apply)
You understand that if anyone get access to your private key, he has access to your money. In this case, why would you double that risk by creating a copy of the private key ?
What happens to a transaction fee ?