During the German hyperinflation of 1923, it was cheaper to burn money than wood.
What are some of the attributes of sound money ?
Could you provide examples of layer 2 solutions or alternative infrastructure which improve bitcoin stability ?
Nodes ensure the decentralization of the Bitcoin protocol.
Which Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin ?
Vincent is offered to receive 0.5 Bitcoins monthly for 1 year if he locks 1 bitcoin today on a special smart contract via a new platform he discovered. All the website review says it's legit and you could really make a lot of money. As a friend he asks for your advice. What would you tell him?

Which of those is a Ponzi scheme ? (Select all that apply)

As a survey question, do you believe in the Bitcoin Highway thesis (As time pass and infrastructure is built on top of bitcoin, exiting bitcoin toward Fiat currency will become less and less necessary or practical).
Could the US government make a deal with China to shut down Bitcoin ?
Cutting a private key in half and storing each part in a separate house makes it 2 times more secured.
You need to pay back your friend but he only gave you a Bitcoin address and forgot to say his wallet's name. What should you do ?
How was the Bitcoin project presented to the world ?
Why privacy matter ?
What services is used to manage the Bitcoin's core Code?
When picking which wallet to use, what are the 3 rules that should never be broken ? (Open question)
Who is Hall Finney ? (Select all that apply)
Who controls Bitcoin ? (Select all that apply)

What element should be avoided as a beginner’s investor? (Select all that apply)

How can you deny the "hacker" attack factor ?
How can you increase your privacy (5 things)?