Should you reuse the same Bitcoin address ?
Which of the following resources have been used as money ? (Select all that apply)

You just saw a quote saying, "Trump is buying Bitcoin.” What should you do ? (Select all that apply)

Explain why Bitcoin is considered a solution to inflation and fiat currency ?
Who is the only owner of a Bitcoin ?
Which of the following can't be seized ?
You understand that if anyone get access to your private key, he has access to your money. In this case, why would you double that risk by creating a copy of the private key ?
Are Pump & Dump Illegal
Cutting a private key in half and storing each part in a separate house makes it 2 times more secured.

Which of the following should be done before investing ? (Select all that apply)

If you bought & sold BTC from a regulated exchange, is the tax authority of your country aware of your purchases & therefore capital gain ?
Mark has been using a Trezor hardware wallet for some time, one day it stopped working. Being afraid he will never see his bitcoins again, Mark decides to contact the Trezor support for some help. After a chat to explain his issue, the support is asking for his private key in order to fix the problem and transfer the fund to a new hardware wallet they are sending his way. What is the most secured way Mark can send his private key to the support guy ?
You've sent a transaction 10 min ago but no new block have been created so far. After 12 minutes you see the newest block but your transaction isn't in it. Which statement is correct? (Select all that apply)
Why privacy matter ?
Why do miners use electricity? (1 point for the technical process, 1 point for the game theory aspect one)
What conclusion could be made from the 2008 financial crisis? (Select all that apply)
Vincent is offered to receive 0.5 Bitcoins monthly for 1 year if he locks 1 bitcoin today on a special smart contract via a new platform he discovered. All the website review says it's legit and you could really make a lot of money. As a friend he asks for your advice. What would you tell him?
Which of the following is true ?
How is the smallest unit of Bitcoin called ?
What are the mathematical concepts behind encryption ? (Select all that apply)