1. Her home is in London, but she ____ with her parents this week.

2. There it is at last! I ____ for that book for a week.

3. I ____ the house today. Finally, it looks nice.

4. She ____ past the shop when I saw her.

5. They ____ me their plans so I wasn’t surprised.

6. I ____ four books so far.

7. Have you heard him? He thinks he’s ‘Mr. Perfect!' I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody so ____.

8. She says that everything is done wrong, and everything is not how it should be. She’s so ____!

9. She’s wearing really ____ make-up today.

10. It’s hard to decide but I think I ____ the train, not the bus.

11. It’s a long flight. You leave in the morning and this time tomorrow you ____ across Asia.

12. It took a long time to arrange this meeting. I ____ Mr. Samuels at 8.00 a.m. tomorrow.

13. We ____ to have a quiet night at home tonight.

14. I’m feeling really ____ about this new job.

15. I feel terrible because I gave ____ her secret by accident.

16. I tried to be funny and ended up just coming ____ as a bit of an idiot.

17. I’m sorry, I must have ____heard you.

18. That’s how she is: she ____ all day talking to you on the phone if you have the time.

19. He suggested ____ to phone as emails were not working.

20. ____ go there often as a child?

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