*For persons 18 years of age and older.

Thank you for taking the time to answer this important question. The AM I RACIST? Symptom Survey was created by Dr. Reneé Carr, a Political & Corporate Advisor. In her work to help governments and corporations create systems of justice and practices of racial equality, this psychological assessment is usually conducted as a beginning step to racial and justice reform.

Because of the worldwide protests for racial justice following the tragic death of George Floyd, you have been given access to this proprietary tool. Answer honestly. Make change. Use the results to help increase your self-awareness and to help bring transformation to your friends, family, community, school, workplace - and the world.

A. What is your race/ethnicity? [racial group A]

B. Toward which race/ethnicity are you wondering if you have racist thoughts or behaviors? [racial group B]

1. For the group of people in your Answer B above [racial group B], are they usually better than other races in something?

2. Do [racial group B] usually smell a certain way?

3. Do most [racial group B] women talk or act in a certain way?

4. Can you think of a drug/drink/substance [racial group B] adults most likely abuse?

5a. Which food item are [racial group B] living in America most likely to eat?

If you can not think of an answer, type "idk" here (for "I don't know.")

6. Are most [racial group A (your race)] adults naturally more successful?

7. Who would most likely be the best person to help you become rich?

8. If you saw an African-American man running toward you, would you:

9. If you learn that your new co-worker is Irish-American, would you:

10. If a Caucasian woman becomes unhappy while shopping, she will probably ask to speak to the manager.

11. Would the world be better if there were only [racial group A (your race)] leaders in political office?

12. When you walk by [racial group B], do you usually act like you don’t see them?

13. If a [racial group B] person made you angry, would you call him/her a racial slur – out loud or in your mind?

14. Are affirmative actions or race-based quotas:

15. [racial group B] can not be trusted to tell the truth.

16. [racial group B] “play the race card” to manipulate and get what they want.

17. Brown and dark-skinned immigrants commit more crimes than [racial group A (your race)].

18. Chinese immigrants are respectful and quiet.

19. “Black Lives Matter” is reverse racism against Caucasians/Whites.

20. If a [racial group B] person can’t get a job, it’s usually his/her own fault.

21. Did America benefit from slavery?

22. Extra funding for inner city schools is a drain on taxpayers.

23. For the safety of America, [racial group B] need to be controlled or monitored.

FEMALES ONLY. Are the facial features of most [racial group B] women ugly?

FEMALES ONLY. Are there certain skills that [racial group B] women can do better than [racial group A] women?

MALES ONLY. If you were married to a woman and discovered she previously had a [racial group B] lover, would you be angry?

MALES ONLY. Think about your annual salary/income. Would you be comfortable in a room of 50 [racial group B] men if you were the only [racial group A] man in that same room?

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There is no 100% completion. A subtotal of 28 questions for each male respondent/female respondent + additional 2 questions = a total of 30 total survey questions.

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