This is an official Cambridge examination. Source

Part 2 Speaking exercise. Candidate B

The examiner will stop the interaction after 4 or 5 questions have been asked and answered with the first candidate. A different set of prompt cards is then given out, so that candidate A has the opportunity to ask questions and Candidate B to answer them.

In the example, the questions are about a library.

Candidate B. here is some informtation about a bookshop.

Candidate A. you don't know anyhting about the bookshop, so ask B some questions about it. Now A, ask B your questions about the bookshop and B, your answer them.


Candidate B- your answers                                                   Candidate A- your questions.


Possible questions and answers: (Practise saying them aloud)
  • What the bookshop's address?
  • It's 212 Main street.
  • Is it a big or small bookshop?
  • It's very big. In fact, it's the largest bookshop in the country.
  • Is it closed on Sundays?
  • No, it's open on Sundays from 12.30pm to 8.00pm.
  • Do they sell travel books?
  • Yes, they do. 
  • What's their telephone number?
  • Their telephone is seven two for three nine nine.