Choices Stories You Play is a simple game, and players don’t have to make much effort to complete the game as well. Without efforts, there are still some things in the game that players have to do in order to process the game and the story.

Developers have made Choices Stories You Play a perfect simulation game. In order to complete the game, there are some major tips and tricks that players have to follow.

Among these thousands of stories, there are still some stories that have a unique kind, and different chemistry and that player have to understand, and below guide is written .

Important Tips And Tricks To Progress Game

As mentioned above that in Choices Stories You Play, thousands of stories are available, and it will increase because developers are adding new stories every week.

You might can be confused while buying new stories, but its always better to check is it worthy for spending that much money on that story. to save you tickets and keys you have to use some cheats and tricks that you know or you can try to know about those cheats. 

For a lover of reading, it’s a perfect game in the mobile devices, and there is no doubt about it. Still, there are so many things in the game that players need to know and some of the tips are following. If you join the FB account of the game then you can be updated about popular and latest stories and can meet some new friends there which may help you in the game.

Never Be Rude To Anyone 

It is true that being rude never makes things easier, and that is why players have to follow the same thing. When you are playing a love story, then you have to keep in mind that you don’t have to be angry with anyone and also need to talk to everyone in a positive way.

Choose Right Decisions

When you are playing any story, you will receive multiple options, and in that, you have to choose a positive option. It is because if you choose a negative option, then your next thing will depend on it. So be good and with this way players can earn great points and also earn trust for other players as well.