Study the following word-list. 

Choose one word from the table above to complete the sentence. 
You may have to change the ending of the word according to its use. 
Use lower case letters and spell correctly!

1. People who are don't care about others. 

2. Women can take one year of leave. 

3. I got from my job, so I need to find a new one.

4. Parents need to their children to study. 

5. Workers need to find ways to amke their job .

6. I enjoy all types of fruit, like oranges, apples, watermelon, .

7. In our time, we have much more technology.

8. Teachers need to be of their students.

9. Nowadays, has become popular for workers. 

10. Some countries offer leave as well as maternity. 

11. Many stores are closed for construction. 

12. Some companies offer  to their employees for completing projects. 

13. Many students take the exam preparing well. 

14. In some countries, there are not many for employment. 

15.  Because of the of many students, class was cancelled.