Lots of mobile games are available in the gaming market, but The Sims Mobile is the most famous game. It is released by Electronic Arts for IOS and Android systems.

It allows us to connect with many Sims characters, and we can complete our fantasy on it. In which you will not see many hard missions so anyone can be perfect on it. For growing high, you have to only concern on your Sims.

The game provides several new outfits, shoes, hairstyles, makeup, and more things. The player can select his gender and go-ahead for amazing gameplay. If you want to play in it, then you can install it by Google store or official game website.

Fresher has no idea about the game, so he should learn each element of it. In this guide, we are explaining complete gameplay and uses of currency.

Create Your Sims  

A huge number of Sims characters are available, so the players can also create one. The store has many options in fashion, and most of the primary things are free to use. Even if you liked any paid one, simply try to use the cheats mentioned about this on thesimsmobilecheatsz.com and you are good to go.

Design the Home 

You will live in one beautiful home, and there we are throwing some parties to interact with other Sims. The parties are also parts of tasks, and the players have to complete them. Make new friends in it and always connected with them.  

Live with Your Hobbies 

Most of us have different hobbies so you can complete your dreams by the game. Learn singing, play getter, and many more are present for us. Hobbies are giving a positive vibe for living a healthy lifestyle.

Role of Simoleons 
The Simoleons is a basic currency, and along with it, two more currencies are used in the game. The currency is required for purchasing new items and outfits of Sims. Token currency can be achieved by completing tasks.