1. Newspaper and magazine stories differing what way?

2. If you are running a talk show without any significant problems, the BEST way to take the floor yourself for a short time is to:

3. Regarding the journalistic clarification of a report, which is ACCEPTABLE? State that such-and-such happened (or was said) using the word ______________________ before you state the information?

4. If the story is marked by a said outlet as with it not allowing “re-transmission” or “rewriting”, etc. of the story, what IS the MOST LEGAL way of reporting it?

5. 'Throwing' or "tossing" are ways to shift the focus of a discussion from one person to another. What is the BEST way to do so?

6. When presenting a new fact, it's BEST to:

7. Saying something like, "You had an important point," to someone in a conversation is a great way to:

8. It's a good idea to be careful when accusing someone of doing (or being) something when on a talk show. What COULD happen if you accuse someone of something RECKLESSLY?

9. Telling people in a conversation what has been going on, and then what you want to discuss next is an example of ________________ _________________

10. A public figure can bring a lawsuit against a news organization and possibly win a judgement against you:

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