Where was the Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ seal of prophethood?

What did the Prophet ﷺ describe as the coolness of his eyes?

Who was the caller to prayer (mu'adhdhin) of the Prophet ﷺ?

[mu'adhdhin: calls the adhan]

In what direction do Muslims make Tawaf around the Ka'bah?

tawaf: walk all the way round

Which surah of the Qur'an does not begin with the basmalabismillah?

Which surah is referred to as 'the heart of the Qur'an'?

The Ka'bah is also known as...

What do we call the activities that are forbidden and punishable by law in Islam?

What did the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ say about raising daughters?

What did the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ mention about the status of a mother?

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