1. Which of the following are a chemical hazard if found in food?

2. Which of the following food are commonly associated with allergic reactions?     

3. If an infected cut on a food handlers’ hand cannot be covered by a dressing or plaster, then the food handler should be:

4. What MUST food handlers do before preparing meals for allergy sufferers.

5. Which of the following hazards is most likely to occur because of poor cleaning

6. Which is the best method of controlling bacterial multiplication on food?  

7. Which of the following is most likely to result in a chemical hazard? 

8. Which of the following will control bacterial multiplication in refrigerators most effectively? 

9. Which of the following would be the best way to reduce the room temperature of a restaurant’s kitchen area? 

10. During refrigeration, bacterial toxins:

11. Which of the following is included in the 7 principles of HACCP?

12. The most important aspect of day to day pest management is to:   

13. Corrective action is the action taken:  

14. One benefit of HACCP is it:  

15.  It is a legal requirement to ensure wash basins for handwashing have:  

16.  How can handwashing be monitored?

17. Which of the following is not an example of monitoring when preparing and cooking a chicken?

18. The effectiveness of food safety controls can be evaluated by:

19. Which of these is a suitable example of monitoring when food is delivered?

20. Where should you site an electric fly killer in the food preparation area?   

21.Which of the following would be an example of good critical limit?   

22.  Which of the following systems is correct for the rotation of stock?