When you are around a group of people, do you get anxious, uncomfortable, or anxiety?

Do you have a feeling when something is wrong with friends, family or community with out having any reason to have that impression?

Do you have emotions that feel better after you do self harm, turn to addictions to become impaired and numb your emotions, or keep company that makes your problems inside to seem less troubling?

Do you get stuck sometimes with something that bothers you, and just can not seem to "get over it" or "not let it bother you" or Stop taking it personal"?

Do you feel like there are energies around you and are not sure what you feel, but you know something is around you?

Do you know when someone is sending you negative thoughts, gossiping about you or projecting negativity to you in any way?

Do you have health issues, for no medical reason, but just don't feel well, have skin issues, digestion issues, depression or autoimmune issues, and doctors can not tell you why?

Do you secretly feel like you have some sort of "super power" but don't know what it is, why you feel this way, but you just know you have something powerful inside of you?

Do you find yourself feeling like you need protection energetically from something or someone at times? 

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